Friday, May 8, 2015

How is Cork Harvested for Wine Stoppers?

While cork has many different uses, our favorite use is creating stoppers for our wine bottles! How exactly does the cork get from the tree to your favorite bottle of wine at our Lake of the Ozarks winery? Below we explain the process.

Cork Extraction

Contrary to popular belief, cork extraction is one of the most environmentally-friendly harvesting processes in the world. Not a single tree is cut down to get the cork. Since cork comes from the bark and not the trunk of the tree, harvesting cork does not destroy the tree. The vegetable tissue is stripped off the tree in late spring, early summer. In order to protect itself, the tree quickly forms new layers of cork. The tree is valuable for 170 years or more, even though it could have been stripped 16 times, once every 9 years.

How to Harvest Cork

Retrieving cork from trees is a skill handed down from generation to generation. A special hatchet is used to cut cork from the thick rugged oak tree. However, this cannot be done until after the first 20 years of growth. The outer bark is carefully peeled away as to leave the inner bark completely intact. For manufacturing purposes, the cork is then dried, boiled and dried again before use.

Cork for Wine Stoppers

It appears that the Greeks were the first to seal wine jugs with cork. Following them is the Romans, who used cork for fishing floats and shoes as well as wine stoppers. Dom Perignon, who discovered champagne in 1668 was the first to realize the full potential of cork as a bottle stopper. Before cork, wooden plugs were used. We continue to use cork for wine stoppers today, but other materials are also becoming more popular.

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