Friday, May 15, 2015

7 Easy and Creative Ways to Re-Use Wine Bottles

If drinking wine is a talent of yours, then chances are you have plenty of empty wine bottles lying around. You've been saving them, either because you are too lazy to take them to recycling or you think you'll find a use for them someday. Well that day is today! Rather than just throwing your old Lake of the Ozarks wine bottles in with the rest of the recycling,  try one of these easy, creative ways to re-use them!

1. Flower Vase.

Rather than going out and buying an expensive vase, why not use what you already have? Old wine bottles make the perfect vase for either fresh or artificial flowers. You can decorate them however you like with paint and other embellishements to match your style.

2. Infused Oils or Simply Syrup.

Glass containers can be used to hold just about anything, so why would wine bottles be any different. You can easily refill them with infused oils for cooking or use it to hold simple syrup for your tea. This idea would even make a great gift idea for someone who loves to be in the kitchen.

3. Lamp.

Since wine bottles are clear, even the ones with a darker tint, light shines through them! Take some christmas lights and string them through the bottle to create a nice lamp. You can even decorate the bottle to match the style of the room you're going to put it in. Consider decorating them as a sports team or with a christmas theme. These would also make great gifts.

4. Soap Dispenser.

Instead of that boring plastic bottle or spending money on a fancy soap dispenser, use your old wine bottles instead. You can purchase a wine bottle pour spout and attach it to the top of the bottle. Then it's as simple as filling up the bottle with your favorite type of soap. Now you just buy the big bottles and refill your new soap dispenser as needed.

5. Candle Holder.

Many stick candles will fit right in the top of a wine bottle, but if you're feeling extra creative you can cut the bottle to where it will hold a votive or tea light. Either way a recycled wine bottle creates a unique way to display your candes.

6. Tiki Torch.

Summer is here and more time will be spent outside. Use your old wine bottles to make some cool tiki torches to light up your yard and keep the insects away. While this project may take a little more effort than the ones above, the outcome in pretty cool. Get instructions here:

7. Decoration.

While the above ideas can also be used as decorations around your house, you don't have to actually use the wine bottle for anything more than a nice art piece in your house. You can paint the bottles, tie ribbon or rope around it, fill it with pebbles or stones. Write inspirational sayings or funny jokes on them as a creative alternative to a poster or sign. The possibilities are endless and you can design it to match any room in the house.

So come on in to our Lake of the Ozarks winery and get yourself some more bottles to re-use! These are just a few ways you can re-use wine bottles, but the options are limitless. Just visit the Seven Springs Winery Pinterest page for more ideas. If you're brave enough to try cutting the glass, you'll find some other really cool ideas!

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