Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Celebrate National Drink Wine Day!

Today, February 18, 2015, is National Drink Wine Day! In honor of this awesome holiday, Seven Springs Winery wanted to share with you some of the great things about wine. Some studies have shown that wine actually does have some health benefits. Here are 8 benefits of wine from

8 Benefits of Drinking Wine

While wine does have many health benefits, they come from moderate wine drinking. The American Heart Association defines moderate wine consumption as one to two 4 oz. glasses a day.

1. Promotes Longevity. 

A Finnish study of 2,468 men over a 29-year period showed that wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers. Researchers from Harvard Medical School also report that red wine has anti-aging properties. Resveratrol is a beneficial compound that comes from the skin of red grapes.

2. Reduces Risk of Hear Attach and Heart Disease. 

A 16-year Harvard School of Public Health study of 11,711 men showed that moderate drinkers suffering from high blood pressure are 30% less likely to have a heart attack than nondrinkers. A study at Queen Mary University in London showed red-wine tannins contain procyanidins, which protect against heart disease. Antioxidants in red wine may help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein and protecting against artery damage. Procyanidins keep the blood vessels healthy.

3. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes. 

According to research on 369,862 individuals studied over an average of 12 years each, moderate drinkers have 30% less risk than nondrinkers of developing type 2 diabetes. In an animal study conducted by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered that resveratrol improved sensitivity to insulin. Insulin resistance is the most important critical factor contributing to type 2 diabetes risk.

4. Lowers Risk of Stroke. 

A Columbia University study of 3,176 individuals over an 8 year period showed that the possibility of suffering a blood clot-related stroke drops by about 50% in people who consume moderate amounts of alcohol. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, red wine also may protect the brain from stroke damage. The reseratrol in red wine raises levels of heme oxygenase, an enzyme known to protect nerve cells in the brain from damage. When somebody suffers a stroke, the brain is ready to protect itself because of higher enzyme levels.

5. Cuts Risk of Cataracts. 

A study of 1,379 individuals in Iceland showed that moderate drinkers are 32% less likely to get cataracts than nondrinkers. Those who consume wine are 43% less likely to develop cataracts than those drinking mainly beer. According to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine reported that red wine can stop the out-of-control blood vessel growth in the eye that causes blindness.

6. Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer. 

A Stony Brook University study of 2,291 individuals over a 4 year period showed that moderate consumption of wine (especially red) cuts the risk of colon cancer by 45%. According the scientists from the University of Leicester, UK, moderate red wine consumption can reduce the rate of bowel tumors by approximately 50%.

7. Slows Brain Decline. 

A Columbia University study of 1,416 people showed that brain function declines at a markedly faster rate in nondrinkers than in moderate drinkers. Several studies have observed that drinking low-to-moderate amounts of alcohol, particularly red wine, may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Other studies suggest that red wine has the highest potential to prevent or delay cognitive decline.

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