Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vignoles Wine at Seven Springs Winery

Wine, Wine and more Wine!  

Last week, we discussed all of the delicious wines available at Seven Springs Winery. Today we are going to start a series of featured wines so you can learn more about each one of the wines you can taste at your Lake of the Ozarks Winery.  To start off we are going to feature one of Missouri's most versatile wines, the Vignoles.

About Vignoles Wine

Vignoles grapes are used to produce wines ranging in flavor from refreshingly dry to blissfully sweet. At Seven Springs Winery you can taste the Dry Vignoles or the semi-sweet Vignoles wine.  Similar to a German Riesling, the Vignoles possess a luscious floral aroma and fruity flavors of citrus, pineapple and apricot.  Vignoles are the second most common grape grown in the state of Missouri.  This white wine serves as a great stand alone wine for sipping on a hot summers night or paired with a wide variety of food choices.  The Vignoles wine is a match for any pallet.  Wine lovers who prefer a sweet wine will fawn over the fruity flavors, while those that prefer a dry wine will likely find it light and refreshing.    

Ideal Food Pairings 

Vignoles pairs with a wide range of dishes due to its floral aroma and fruity flavors.  Below are some ideal pairing for the dry and sweet Vignoles Wines:
  • Spicy Mexican Dish with a Sweet Vignoles
  • Asian Cuisine with a Sweet Vignoles
  • Swiss Cheese with a Dry Vignoles
  • Salmon with a Dry Vignoles
  • Fruit Chutney with a Sweet Vignoles
  • Creme Brulee with a Sweet Vignoles

Now that you know a little more about Vignoles Wine, stop by the best winery at the Lake of the Ozarks to try some! We have daily wine tastings so you can decide if Vignoles is the wine for you. Now that the weather is warmer you can enjoy a glass out on the covered porch and patio area overlooking our 160 acres of rolling Missouri foothills.  And stay tuned because we have more featured wines coming each month!

For more information on Missouri Wines visit: missouriwine.org.

Come for the wine...Stay for the atmosphere...Remember the view! 

Seven Springs is the finest Winery at the Lake of the Ozarks with a full service facility perfect for outdoor weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, corporate events and parties.  Call us today to make reservations for your special event!

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