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Preparing for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

One of the biggest events of your life has happened - congratulations!! We are so excited to celebrate your engagement with you! Of course, the preparations for the NEXT biggest event of your life are now underway as you prepare for your wedding day. One of the first tasks you’ll want to check off of your list is your engagement photos. These will be used in many different locations, from your wedding website with the details about your day to the wedding invitations, and more. So it’s worth it to invest a little bit of time in making these great. Here are a few tips that your favorite Lake of the Ozarks winery has to help with the process!

Prior To Your Engagement Shoot

There are a few tasks that you can accomplish before your engagement photo shoot. With a little preparation, you can have a wonderful session.

Find Your Photographer
There are MANY photographers, but there is a much smaller number of excellent photographers. If you care about quality over price, you may need to do some research ahead of time to find the photographer that matches your style and needs. If you care about something cost effective, you’ll be able to find a photographer for that as well. If you aren’t sure who you should use, be sure and ask us for suggestions. As a Lake of the Ozarks wedding venue, we see many photographers come through, and can help point you in the right direction of a photographer that you’ll love.

Choose Your Wardrobe
You can rely on Pinterest for some color schemes and styles, but try not to get too trendy with your wardrobe. You’ll want to look back in 20 years and not laugh at the outrageous outfit that you wore! You can also rely on the season to give you an idea of color schemes. If you really aren’t sure what to wear, you can ask your photographer for suggestions. They spend a lot of time looking at different couples and people with different outfits, so they will naturally have an idea of what looks good. Typically you want to stay away from bold patterns and stick to solid colors or very minimal patterns.

Talk About Your Insecurities
Do you “hate having your photo taken”? Many people do, but if you are willing to talk to your photographer about this, they can help. Whether you have a specific feature you dislike, or don’t feel amazing in your body - your photographer can help you find poses that will mask the things you don’t like, and highlight the things that you do! Of course, keep in mind that most people are hardest on themselves, so what you feel insecure about, most likely no one has ever even noticed.

Find the Best Location
Do you and your spouse have a special place that you’d like to have your photos taken in? That’s perfect! Make sure you tell your photographer so they can scout it out ahead of time and be prepared for any unusual situations. This can include lighting issues, high levels of traffic, or even weather challenges. If you aren’t sure where you want your photos taken, ask your photographer where they suggest. In many cases, they have a list of locations that they love to take photos in. If you’re getting married at the best winery at the Lake of the Ozarks, you could consider doing your engagement shoot here, as well! We have plenty of great backdrops in our scenery to make for an amazing collection of images!

During Your Engagement Shoot

This can be a little overwhelming for those who don’t like to have the photo taken, and often times can be a lot of pressure on men. Here are a few ways you can get the most from your session!

Block Out the Photographer
It’s true, kissing in front of someone, especially someone taking your photo can feel a little awkward. Do your best to block them out, ignore the sound of the shutter clicking, and just focus on your fiancĂ©. Better yet, plan a few things to “do” at your engagement session that will help loosen you up. Whether that’s riding your favorite horses, playing with your dogs, or even engaging in an activity that you enjoy together like hunting, dancing, etc. This can help take your mind off of the person behind the lens, and put your focus on each other - plus, it can make for some really special photos!

Trust Your Photographer
It may feel weird to hold a specific pose, but your photographer can see what you can’t. These poses can be incredibly special, especially when you finally see the “big picture.”

After Your Engagement Shoot

This can be the hardest part but now is when a little patience is required.

Be Patient With Your Photographer
While it may feel like a big deal for you to prepare for your engagement session, and then pose in the photos AFTER the shoot is the biggest portion for your photographer. Now they have to go through all of your photos and choose between hundreds to thousands of shots that are all great, but just a little different from each other. After they choose the photos, they have to edit them - both of these processes can take some time. Give your photographer a break, and wait for them to get your gallery done. Trust us - they want you to see it just as much as you do! Hopefully, they’ll be able to post a few “sneak peeks” along the way, though.

Handle Your Photos Properly Afterwords
Many photographers will tell you this, but try to refrain from adding extra filters and editing their photos. You paid them because you trusted their experience, continue to trust them now. If you’ll be sharing the photos on your social media, make sure to credit them for their work. This ensures that everyone knows where the photos came from, and can even help get them some more business! Every photographer has different things they will request, so make sure to check with them when you pick up the final copies of your photos!

Planning a Lake of the Ozarks Wedding

The entire team at Seven Springs Winery is so excited that you are engaged, and if you haven’t found your ideal wedding venue, keep us in mind! Winery weddings are extremely special, and we have many locations for you to choose from where you can seal the deal. We are a very affordable wedding venue at the Lake of the Ozarks, plus we can offer catering as well. Of course, if you love wine, it only makes sense! Let’s toast to your upcoming nuptials, and start planning your big day with you, we cannot wait!

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