Tuesday, March 13, 2018

FAQs About Wine

The nectar of the gods - at least, that’s how we feel about it! Vino is a beverage that has been consumed for thousands of years. It’s been enjoyed by paupers and princes alike, and yet, there are certainly some questions that surround it. We’ve done a little digging to find some of the most frequently asked questions about wine. There are some pretty crazy ones out there, and then a few that make TOTAL sense! Check out the answers to your wine questions, and don’t forget to ask your own!

Why Is Wine Better Than Beer?

We may be a bit biased to answer this question … However, we’re going to rely on an unbiased higher power (Google) to give us the answer to this question. Unfortunately, the answers aren’t very cut and dry. Some answer whether a beer is more fattening than wine, other ask which is stronger, and some ask how many beers are equivalent to a glass of wine. Basically, the common question behind “which is better” is really, which is healthier. The true consensus is that if you are drinking responsibly, and choosing options that have fewer calories than their counterpart, you can really enjoy whichever beverage suits you most. You’re also in luck - at the Lake of the Ozarks best Winery, we also serve some delicious brews. Something for everyone here!

What Does It Mean When a Wine Has “Legs”?

Did you know that your wine has legs? This doesn’t mean that is will just walk off and leave you, but it can help indicate the alcohol level in your wine! Legs or ‘tears’ will fall at different speeds depending on the alcohol content in your favorite wine. If the ‘legs’ are thicker or slower, it generally indicates a higher alcohol content.

What Wine is Used for Mulled Wine?

When you “mull” a wine, it disguises a lot of the nuances of the taste. You won’t want to pick something delicate because of that. Choose something that is bigger, bolder, and full-bodied. Red wines are the most popular, so if you’re looking for the next Lake of the Ozarks wine to feature in your Mulled Wine recipe, try our Norton! It’s got a deep plum color, along with full-bodied notes of tobacco and oak with a spicy smooth finish.

Which Wine Has The Least Calories?

If you’re looking for a wine with fewer calories, you’ll be better off sticking with whites. White wine tends to have a lower alcohol content than reds do, which in turn can mean fewer calories. With anything, moderation is key so too much of anything will build up in calories. Need a tasty white to try? How about our Vignoles with its mid-straw color and olive green tone! Or maybe our Spring Fling with the light bodied and fruity flavors.

Can Wine Freeze?

The short answer is yes! The longer version of the answer is yes, but … do not freeze your bottle of wine. Alcohol’s freezing point is lower than water, but the water content will begin to freeze, and when it does, it will begin to expand. This can put a lot of pressure on the cork (which could get pushed out) and on the bottle (which could crack). In short, if you want to freeze your wine, put it in ice cube trays first - do NOT freeze your wine bottles!

What Wine Goes With Steak?

If you want to pair your steak with an excellent wine, you won’t go wrong with a luxurious red. From our Syrah to our Seven’s Red Heaven, a glass of these wines would pair wonderfully with your next delicious steak.

Your Wine Connection at the Lake

If you’re looking for a fantastic hangout at the Lake of the Ozarks, Seven Springs Winery is the ideal hole in the wall spot at the Lake of the Ozarks. While it’s well known and loved by many tourists and locals alike, it still keeps the same old wonderful feel of a comfortable atmosphere where you can go to relax. Our patio is perfect for dining on, and the views are breathtaking. Come out and enjoy a glass of Missouri wine with us. You’ll be glad you did ;).

Seven Springs Winery
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