Friday, February 2, 2018

Pairing Your Food & Wine 101

If you want to host a delicious meal, while also appearing to be an expert wine connoisseur, learning about food and wine pairing is a must. While there’s a bit of a science to it, the best thing about it is that as long as YOU like the pairing, you’re right. Differences in taste buds could mean that ideal pairing could be a little different, however, there are still a few things that can help you make a no-fail choice when it comes to wine and food pairing. Here are a few suggestions to make you look like an expert.

Sparkling Wines

When serving a sparkling wine, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to try and pair it with light and/or salty menu options. All the while avoiding red meat, spicy dishes, and cream sauces. Some good pairing suggestions would be halibut, eggs, or oysters, and a good cheese suggestion is gruyere.

Try these varieties from Seven Springs:

  • Muscato Sparkling
  • Blushing Springs

Rich White Wines

These types of wines have a very distinct flavor profile and can be paired with some delicious dishes. They will go great with fatty or creamy dishes, but you’ll want to avoid smoked meats, Asian dishes or tomatoes. A few suggestions for serving would be with a creamy sauce, buttery fish, or a pasta salad. If you are pairing it with a cheese tray, camembert is a great choice!

Try this variety from Seven Springs:

  • Chardonel

Dry White Wines

If dry whites are your style, you’re in luck! There are some great menu options that pair well with this type of wine. You’ll want to opt for light and/or tangy choices while staying away from red meat or blue cheese. A few delicious choices would be white meat, salad, or mushrooms. For a cheese pairing, you could enjoy gouda with your dry white!

Try these varieties from Seven Springs:

  • Dry Vignoles
  • Traminette

Sweet White Wines

If you want to pair sweet white with your next meal, you should consider serving spicy and/or sweet choices! You’ll want to avoid foods that are sweeter than your wine and dark chocolate. A few scrumptious choices would be spicy food, curries, or fruity desserts - and if you’re pairing cheese, brie is a fantastic choice!

Try these varieties from Seven Springs:

  • Spring Fling
  • Vignoles

Light Red Wines

Light red wines go wonderfully with earthy and/or woody menu choices but don’t pair so well with BBQ sauce, smoked foods or salty foods. Because you’re serving a light red, you can opt for white meat, cured meat, or truffles. When pairing cheese, Swiss goes wonderfully!

Try this variety from Seven Springs:

  • Spring Red

Medium Red Wines

Rich and/or savory meals are perfection when you want to serve a medium red wine. However, you’ll want to avoid spicy foods, raw fish, or oysters. Red meat, braised dishes, or potatoes pair incredibly well with this wine, and when serving cheese, choose a flavorful gorgonzola!

Try this variety from Seven Springs:

  • Sangria Rojo

Bold Red

There’s nothing better than a bold red to set the tone for your meal. With any bold flavors, though, you’ll want to pair them strategically. Pair it with other bold and or/fatty choices, but avoid seafood, egg dishes, and light salads. It can pair well with stew, lamb or pate, and a nice smoked cheddar is perfection.

Try these varieties from Seven Springs:

  • Seven’s Red Heaven
  • Syrah
  • Norton

The Best Wine Pairings

If you really want to enjoy some wine pairings at the Lake of the Ozarks, come out to Seven Springs Winery! We have a delicious menu with light sides, salads, and finger foods all with the best wine paired with it. You’ll enjoy your evening with us, and we look forward to serving you. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay in touch. We have some great events coming up, like our Valentine’s Day Dinner, Jack Willhite’s Rock & Roll Comedy Dinner Show, a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, and the Wicked Wine Run! You won’t want to miss a thing - so stay tuned!

Come for the wine...Stay for the atmosphere...Remember the view! 

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