Monday, October 30, 2017

Hauntingly Delicious Hallo-WINE and Candy Pairings

While most think that this season is for the kids - we all know who really benefits every Halloween. The parents who chauffeur their kids from one trick or treat event to another need to get paid their dues - and we prefer Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, thank you very much! If you’ll be charging a “driving tax”, a “costume design tax”, or “you live in my house tax” here are a few wine pairings to keep in mind for your next candy binge!

Candy Corn + Chardonel

This Halloween favorite will probably be gracing your trick or treat basket a few times this year, so why not make it a grown up treat by pairing it up with the best wine at the Lake of the Ozarks? Our Charnel is a light to medium straw colored wine with medium body. The fruity flavors will pair well with the Candy Corn, and the toasted oak will cut through the sweetness.


When you combine chocolate and peanut butter, you have an interesting and delicious flavor combination on your hands! How do you know what to pair with it? Should you pair up the chocolate with a red, or blend the peanut butter with a white? Well, you can always have a little bit of both! Or you can enjoy a glass of our delicious chardonel!

Twizzlers + Blushing Springs

These delicious red ropes need a special wine to really bring out their flavor! Better yet, bite off both ends and use your Twizzler as a straw when drinking a glass of our Blushing Springs sparkling red wine. The sweet berry aromas and the semi-sweet finish are perfection for your next Twizzler binge!

Snickers + Muscato Sparkling

Ahhh, Snickers. They are perfect when you’re hangry, and even better when you want to enjoy a fancy glass of our Muscato Sparkling. The brilliant, light straw and tropical fruit flavors pair well with the nutty and chocolatey candy. Plus the sparkling finish is a great way to end the whole thing.

Kit Kat + Norton

If you need someone to break you off a piece of that KitKat bar - you probably need them to pour you a glass of that Norton as well! Our delicious red wine has an opaque, deep club color, with hearty flavors of tobacco and oak. They pair well with the crisp Kit Kat, and the spicy smooth persistent finish of this full-bodied wine makes them a perfect blend.

Gummy Bears + Muscato Sparkling

Let’s be honest, the BEST way to enjoy this Halloween snack is by infusing your gummy bears in our Muscato Sparkling wine! Just fill a glass with gummy bears and pour the wine over top. You can let them sit for a bit to enhance the flavor, and then enjoy!

Skittles + Vignoles

What if you could taste the rainbow AND take the Vignoles?? We’re thinking that sounds like a delicious compromise. Our white wine boasts a mid-straw color with olive green tones. But the real magic happens with the full-bodied peach, melon, and citrus flavors come out!

Twix + Syrah

Chocolate, caramel, and nougat - they need something special when you are choosing the best wine to pair with your Twix. We think a chilled glass of our Syrah would be divine. Aromas of currant, blackberry, black pepper, and a subtle vanilla oak finish are the perfect way to enjoy adulthood and childhood together.

M & M’s + Spring Red

These colorful chocolate candies are a household name, as should our Spring red be as well! Pair up these little morsels of goodness with our semi-sweet red. The hit of black cherry and the velvet finish are perfect for pairing with chocolate.

Grown Up Halloween

What if we all got dressed up, took our Halloween baskets, and instead of getting candy, we got wine?? Doesn’t sound like a bad holiday idea if you ask us ;). Of course, the next best thing is enjoying your favorite candy with your favorite wine and calling it a day. Come out to Seven Springs Winery to get stocked up on all of your favorites before the candy is gone! Happy Halloween from the Seven Springs Winery.

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