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How to Choose Seasonal Wedding Flowers

If there is one thing that can bring your whole wedding together, it's the flowers and floral arrangments. There's something beautiful about the fresh blooms that fill in empty spaces and create a whimsical vision for your wedding. Of course, if you've ever looked at the price tag on some of these "whimsical visions" they can seem pretty scary. One of the ways you can save money on your floral arrangments is by buying in season. Check out these beautiful blooms, and see which would match well with your wedding!


Large, bushy flower are beautiful additions to your bridal bouquet with intense colors and the bold size. A few stems of these flowers will be perfect. They are a scentless shrub and come in a variety of colors like white, green, pink, burgundy, purple and blue.

Meaning: Devotion and remembrance.

Orchids are an exquisite flower for any wedding arrangement, especially because there are thousands of species that are cultivated worldwide. A full spray of orchids can be used in bouquets, arrangements or even boutonnieres.

Meaning: Luxury and nobility.

This flower is not shy or obscure - it's showy, lush and bold, creating a perfect addition to your elaborate affair. Amidst the bold and bright personality, this flower is known for it's meaning of bashfulness. You can get it in colors like white, cream, peach, pink, and burgundy.

Meaning: Beauty, welcome and bashfulness.

This is one flower that just screams "spring." The versatility that you find in the wide range of colors makes it ideal for weddings. There are several different types of tulips as well, so you aren't without options. The colors range from white, yellow, orange, pale pink, dark pink, red and purple.


Did you know that the head of a sunflower follows the sun as it moves across the sky? That's probably why it stands for adoration and loyalty. What a symbolic flower to have at your Lake of the Ozarks wedding.

Meaning: Loyalty, adoration, and pride.

The fresh and fruity scent of freesia is what makes this flower so popular. Just a few blossoms are filled with fragrance, and the beautiful blooms are just as beautiful as they are fragrant.

Meaning: Innocence.

This flower was the inspiration for the French fleur-de-lis symbol, and it is considered famous from the Ancient Greeks to the famous painters like Money and Van Gogh. The three main varieties are the Dutch Iris, the Siberian Iris, and the large "bearded" iris. They are all available in various shades of white, yellow and purple.

Meaning: Message, eloquence, my compliments, and promise.

This flower is beautiful and dainty. It's beautiful in large clusters and is perfect for featuring in a bouquet or arrangement. With the colors ranging from white, orange, pink,red or purple, you are sure to find a way to tie them into your wedding. They are also perfect for hairstyles since they are a tiny flower.

Meaning: Our souls are united, proposal of love, sweet dreams, unanimity.


Bold, bushy, and oh so dramatic, these are a great way to make a statement in your flowers. Conquistadors found this dahlia in the gardens of the Aztecs and when they brought them back to Europe - they caused a sensation! White, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple are the colors available for this flower.

Meaning: Gratitude, dignity, forever thine

Mums (Chrysanthemum)
Did you know that there are about a thousand varieties of this long-lasting flower? You can add single blossoms or whole sprays of this beautiful bloom. Not to mention, they are common around the fall season and would make a beautiful addition to your fall wedding at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Meaning: Cheerfulness, optimism, long life, joy.

This flower is one of the most popular for weddings and is really available all year around. You can get roses in many colors, from white, cream, yellow, apricot, orange, pale pink, dark pink, red, burgundy, and lavender. There are also many hybrids like the tea rose, spray rose and garden rose.

Meaning: Love, beauty, grace, joy, unity (the meaning changes depending on the color.)


Star of Bethlehem
This flower is most popular for it's ability to open in the morning and close in the evening, which you'll want to keep in mind for your wedding. You can add it to your bouquet or let it fill your centerpieces.

Meaning: Purity.

The dark green, waxy leaves make a perfect contrast to the pure white of the petals. The gardenia is an exquisite flower and boasts of a sultry and heavy scent, some even call it intoxicating.

Meaning: Transport of joy, ecstasy, I love you in secret, purity, peace.

Are you looking for a flower with a flair for the dramatic? This impressive bloom features two to five large blossoms that are sure to catch the eye. You can get them in white, pale yellow, pale green, pink, salmon, and red colors. They are also rare and expensive, but only a few blooms can add quite a lot of drama.

Meaning: Splendid beauty and pride.

Stephanotis means "marital happiness," making it an obvious choice for your wedding. The beautiful white flowers are perfect for bouquets or boutonnieres, they just need to be wired or placed onto a special holder.

Meaning: "Will you accompany me?"

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