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Why Your Wine Bottle Is Shaped The Way It Is

Have you ever noticed that your wine bottle can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, heights and widths? While you might assume that the shape is related to some scientific fact that impacts the flavor of the wine - it actually isn't! The shape actually reflects history and tradition, and even where the wine was made! Here are a few interesting things to know about the shape of your wine bottle before coming out to drink the best wine at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Wine Bottle Shapes

There are hundreds of different bottle shapes but most winemakers will choose to go with one of these three: the Bordeaux bottle, the Burgundy bottle, and the Alsace/Mosel Bottle. Here are some interesting facts about how they came to be.

The Burgundy Bottle

Some say this bottle is shaped the way it is because it was easier for winemakers to make, other say that it captured the tannins better - either way, it's a very popular style. Like it's name implies, it was designed specifically for red and white Burgundies, as well as chardonnay and pinot noir. It was invented sometime in the nineteenth century, but it is still just as popular as it was then. In fact, you'll probably find a good red or white wine in this bottle.

The Bordeaux Bottle

After the creation of the burgundy bottle, the Bordeaux bottle began to pick up in popularity as well. You would commonly find cabernet sauvignon and merlot in a bottle like this bottle, and it immediately became the most used among winemakers around the world. The most distinctive feature of the Bordeaux bottle is the distinctive "shoulders" on the bottle. Many believe that the shoulders were created in order to catch the sediment that often accumulated in old Bordeaux  while the bottle was being decanted. Of course, this may not really be the case. It could have been merely a design choice to set the bottle apart from the others.

The Alsatian/Mosel Bottle

This third type of wine bottle was created shortly after the Bordeaux. It was made to store Riesling, both dry and sweet. You will now see it holding Gewurztraminer. These bottles are much more delicate than Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles, and many think that it could have been because of the transportation route for these wines was the Rhine river, which meant that you needed smaller river ships - hence a smaller more slender bottle. The transportation on the river may have also been more calm than the high seas, meaning a delicate bottle was acceptable.

Drink the Best Wine at the Lake of the Ozarks

Are you trying to remember the shape of a Seven Springs wine bottle? Well, it's definitely one of these three! You should come out to our beautiful Lake of the Ozarks winery to find out. Our winery sits nestled in the Ozark hills, and it makes the perfect place to come unwind after a busy day at the office or even a busy week in general. Our patio overlooks peaceful landscapes, and our wine is always kept cold and ready for you. Come out and see us (and our wine bottles!) tonight.

Come for the wine...Stay for the atmosphere...Remember the view! 

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