Friday, February 26, 2016

6 Cute Ways to Re-Purpose Your Wine Bottles

Not only are wine bottles great for holding that amazing beverage we all love so much, they can also be a source of creativity! From bird feeders to lamps, creative people across the country have figured out cute ways to take their empty wine bottles and make something ingenious out of them. Here are a few of the ideas that stood out to us the most, and we'd love to see you try them!

Wine Bottle Accent Lights

Things You Will Need:
Washed Wine Bottle
Rubber Stopper
150 Grit Sandpaper
String of Lights

While this project may be a little bit more time intensive, the final product is absolutely beautiful.  Visit the link above for directions.

Bottle Lamp

Things You Will Need:
Lamp Hardware
Lamp Harp to support the shade
Wingnut to secure shade to harp
Utility Knife
Small Phillips Head Screwdriver

This could be a unique conversation starter in your home, and could be a wonderful way to save a special bottle of Missouri wine! Maybe the bottle you opened on your wedding day or anniversary. Visit the link above for directions.

Modular Shelving Using Glass

Things You Will Need:
4-12 Wine Bottles (Depending on the size you would like to make)
Hook and Eye strainers/turnbuckles
Planks of Wood

This piece is a wonderful way to combine your slight addiction with wine, and your love of books! You are also giving your old wine bottles a unique functionality. You can leave the labels on, so you remember your favorite Lake of the Ozarks wine, or you can take them off and showcase just the bottles. Visit the link above for directions.

Burlap-Wrapped Wine Bottle Trio

Things You Will Need:
Adhesive Tape
Rope Wood Spool
Burlap Ribbon
Twine Wooden Spools
Burlap 5" White Lattice
Chalkboard Paint

This beautiful trio of bottles will be a perfect set for your wedding reception, home decor or more. This is a seemingly easy project, and can be done while still downing another bottle of your favorite wine! Visit the link above for directions.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Things You Will Need:
(1) 8 foot 1"x2" pine furring strip
(1) 8 foot 1"x4" Pine furring strip
(1) 3/16x2'x2' piece luan plywood
Hose clamp
Wine Bottle
Table Saw
Wood Glue
Brad Nailer or Hammer and nails

While this piece may require some assembly, it's an adorable way to enjoy two hobbies at one: bird feeding and wine drinking. Visit the link above for directions.

Wine Bottle Wall

Things You Will Need:
LOTS of bottles
3/4" Diamond hole saw bit
1/2" rebar
Wood frame
Hose washers

What a wonderful way to use the bottles you've been collecting, or even all of the bottles from your Lake of the Ozarks wedding!

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