Friday, December 11, 2015

Top 10 things Guests LOVE About Weddings

While you're in the midst of planning your wedding, one of the tings you'll always want to remember are your guests. Some will be traveling hundreds of miles to attend, while others will be asking for time off work, and trying to pick out the perfect gift for you and your love. Our beautiful venue is a great place for your guests to get comfortable and enjoy your beautiful wedding at the Lake of the Ozarks, but here are a few tips that will make your wedding even better for the people you love.

Guests Love...

A Convenient Date Or Plenty of Notice

When you select a wedding date that is in close to a holiday, you're asking guests to choose between you and their family. If possible, choose a date that doesn't coincide with popular holiday's. If you MUST choose Christmas Eve as your wedding date, give your guests advance notice so that they can make plans to attend.

Informational Invites

Guest love to know exactly what to expect. Use your invitations as a way to give your guests all of the details they need to enjoy your big day. If you have any special clothing requirements this is a good time to share that with your guests. If you're having an outdoor wedding on unlevel ground, you can warn them that they may want to wear flats. Or if you decide to do an outdoor candlelight service so the lights can reflect off the snow, you may want to let them know so they can bring appropriate outerwear.

Free Alchohol

We know that providing free alcohol for your guests can be a large investment, but just like you wouldn't invite someone to your home and make them pay for their drink, you shouldn't do that at your wedding. If you want to keep the budget low, provide your guests with a special signature drink, or, at least, a house wine or beer. This helps to show that you're hospitable, without racking up the bill.

Plenty of Preparation for the Weather

You can't plan for everything, but you can help make a few plans to help ease anything drastic. If you're getting married outside in the summer, you can provide wedding programs shaped like fans to help alleviate the heat. If you're getting married inside in the winter you can arrange for a coat check so your guests can enjoy the evening without having to carry bulky outerwear around. Preparing for these little details will help to make this event amazing for everyone.

Delicious Food

The food you offer at your wedding is one of the details everyone will remember about your special day. You can make the food as extravagant or as simple as you like, but make sure it's delicious. There are many ways to stay within your budget and provide a meal that will leave everyone speechless, so get creative and tell them to come hungry!

Sweet & Simple Toasts

Your family loves you, and your guests know this, but don't be afraid to remind your speakers that they can keep it short and sweet. After a guest has listened to seven different people with twenty minutes each, they'll be ready to leave as soon as the toasts are over,

A Good DJ

Some people like the music loud and exciting, others like it quiet. Find a DJ who can adjust to the situation and keep the music at an appropriate level for everyone. Keep the music low when people are talking and enjoying their meal, but you can still bump up the sound when it's time to hit the dance floor.

When It's Organized

While your day is about you and your husband, it's also about hosting a wonderful event for your guests. Thank them for everything they've done for you by keeping the day organized and on schedule if possible. If you will be taking photos between the ceremony and the reception, plan ahead for your guests and provide entertainment. You can have a "happy hour" and provide appetizers and drinks for them to enjoy while they wait. Or if you're getting married at the best outdoor venue at the Lake of the Ozarks in the summer, you can scatter horseshoes, giant Jenga, or bean bag tosses to entertain them. They'll hardly notice you're gone when you provide them with something fun.

Gracious Hosts

There's nothing more meaningful to your guests than when you take the time to say hello to them and thank them for coming. Even if it's just a quick greeting, it's important to acknowledge their presence. Also, remember to get your thank you's out in a timely manner, as your guests will certainly notice if you forget them.

Host your Wedding at the Best Winery at the Lake of the Ozarks

Seven Springs Winery has many beautiful places for you to say your "I do's" and then party the night away. From our outdoor gazebo that is nestled in our beautiful Missouri Vineyard, or the event center where you can kick off those heels and dance to the music. We have an excellent staff who will work hard to make sure your event is a day to remember. Give us a call today and book your wedding date before someone else does!

Come for the wine...Stay for the atmosphere...Remember the view! 

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