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Exciting Wedding Games That Make Your Day A Party!

Everyone loves a good party, and one way to make your wedding especially fun is to incorporate games! Whether you're having your wedding indoors or out, you can utilize these fun games to keep your guests entertained throughout the night. At Seven Springs Winery, we have a variety of venue locations that will make your ceremony beautiful and your reception fun! Here are a few neat ideas you can include in your reception festivities.

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Wedding Guess Who

Do you have fond memories of playing Guess Who with your friends or siblings? You can find old boards at second-hand stores, and then insert photos of your guests! You can have several boards scattered around your Lake of the Ozarks wedding venue, and then see how many people can Guess Who is on the board!

Ring Toss

If you like to save your Missouri wine bottles, you can put them in a cute box, and everyone can try to throw hoops and land around the bottles. If you want to take it up a notch, you can always make the "rings" giant renditions of your own gorgeous bling!

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Wedding Cross Word

Crosswords are a fun pastime, and can be a great way to entertain your guests while they're waiting for the ceremony to start, or when they are sitting at their table enjoying their meal. Think of several words that describe your relationship with your significant other, and then you can plug them into a crossword generator online! You can put this on your programs, a large sign with glass over it so it can be erased, or even on the reception tables.

"Put A Ring On It"

This game is quite simple, you set out a bowl of crazy plastic rings, and everyone who wants to play takes one. From that point on, they are not allowed to say "wedding" or "bride." If you catch someone saying those words, you get to steal their ring! The person with the most rings at the end of the wedding gets a fun prize of your choice.

Customized Corn Hole

This is a fun game that can be enjoyed by all ages and is often found scattered around Pinterest for weddings. You can customize the boards with your wedding colors or themes and then play away for a fun evening! This can be played indoors or out, so you can incorporate it no matter what time of year you get married!

I Spy

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Create a list of items that people have to search for and grab on the phones throughout the night! This can be a fun game for adults and kids alike. Whoever finds the most things on your list can receive a fun prize or special wedding favor. Here is an example of some things you can have your guests search for:
  • A big hug
  • A kiss
  • Worst dancer
  • A bubbly drink
  • Your table as a group
  • Sparkly diamond
  • Clinking of glasses
  • A white dress
  • Holding hands
  • Twirling around
  • Someone tweeting
  • (Or Anything that catches your eye!)
You can also ask your guests to send you their photos after the wedding so you can have some fun moments that were captured!

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What's In Your Purse?

This is a fun game for the ladies at your wedding! Provide them with a list of items that could possibly be found in a purse, all the way from mints/gum to spoons. Every item has a set amount of points, and the ladies can tally up their point total based on the results their purse offers! Don't forget to choose a really fun prize for the winner!

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