Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wine Terminology: 39 Words Used to Describe Wine Taste

With so many different varieties of Missouri wine, it can be hard to choose one.  How do you choose a bottle of wine anyway?  Some have nice labels, but that's not going to guarantee you're going to like the taste of the wine inside.  Many people rely on wine descriptions to get an idea of the taste. However, if your not familiar with wine terminology, you may have no idea what kind of wine you're actually getting.  The wine terminology below will help you in your search for the perfect wine at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Wine Terms for Taste and Flavor

  • Austere - high acidity and very little fruit flavors
  • Backward - high in alcohol content and tannins
  • Balanced - wine that strikes a balance between acidity, tannic structure and fruit flavors
  • Big - full bodied wines that fill and coat the palate
  • Bright - higher in acidity that makes your mouth water
  • Buttery - aged in oak, rich and flat (less acidity), cream-like texture with a smooth finish
  • Charcoal - gritty, dry and a rustic flavor
  • Cigar Box - hinting toward sweetness and cedar-wood
  • Complex - a positive term describing wine with many different taste and aromatic qualities
  • Creamy - white wines fermented or aged in oak
  • Crisp - refreshing acidity 
  • Dense - bold
  • Dry - not sweet
  • Earthy - flavor and aromatic characteristics reflect that of the terroir in which it was grown
  • Elegant - not big, not fruity, not opulent and not bold, higher acidity
  • Fading - a wine losing its color, body and flavor characteristics
  • Fat - wide, big, massive and opulent
  • Flabby - a negative term describing a lack of acidity
  • Flamboyant - abundance of fruit
  • Fleshy - raw steak sensation 
  • Flinty - wine that denotes flavors aromatic characteristics of metal or steel 
  • Fruity - aromas and flavors suggest fruit; doesn't imply sweetness
  • Heady - high alcohol content and an overwhelmingly alcoholic aroma
  • Jammy - cooked berry sweetness, syrupy 
  • Lean - presenting little or no fruit flavors
  • Masculine - describing big, full-bodied wine
  • Oaky - oak flavors (smoky, toasty) 
  • Opulent - rich, smooth and bold
  • Refined - similar to elegant, not opulent or bold
  • Silky - rich red wines fermented or aged in oak
  • Soft - smooth rather than crisp mouth feel
  • Steely - higher acidity
  • Structured - high tannin and acidity 
  • Supple - a balance of fruit flavors and tannic structure
  • Tannic - firm wine leaving the mouth feeling dry
  • Toasty - wine that's oak-aged, with a slightly burnt caramel finish
  • Unctuous - oily 
  • Unoaked - doesn't have vanilla, cream, butter or baking spices in it, more of a zesty lemon flavor, more tart
  • Velvety - rich in flavors and texture, lush, smooth and silky

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